Gabled Timber Carport with 40 degree pitch using Bondor Solarspan 50 mm roofing


Now here is a project to write about…

The proposal was to build a gabled roof carport in timber with pitch to match existing dwelling. Pitch
was 40 degrees. The side beams were 2.80 meters
high and the client wanted to show no rafters in the ceiling space, replicating a cathedral ceiling look
without the rafters. The carport was 6.50 meters long including 500 mm overhang to the front, so all
the frame work needed to be engineered. The client liked my suggestion of using Bondor Solarspan
insulated roof that gave the look they wanted with the added advantage of increased hail resistance.
It also protected the car from condensate in freezing cold Melbourne winter.

Obtaining permit was hard enough with all dispensations and other encumbrances. The next
challenge was to lug the heavy 2x300x45 LVL 6.60 meters long ridge beam to make up the ridge line.
The result speaks for itself once the gable was finished off with weatherboard to match the dwelling

Picture of Gabled Timber carport with 40 deg pitch using Bondor Solarspan 50 mm roofing.

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