Planning Permit for veranda/deck or carport.

Need for a planning permit

There are various triggers for a Planning Permit. Triggers can be planning overlays, size of allotment, existing planning permit from subdivision, etc. Then again a veranda may be exempt from planning permit under these triggers. In my experience verandas with a height of more than 3 m are not exempt, so will need a planning permit. The next step is to establish if a new application is required or an amendment to a current permit is needed. I have not been able to get an answer from Port Phillip Council over the phone so I intend to pay them a visit today to establish the same. When considering for the planning permit, they will only consider to check the plan against Rescode (Building code in Victoria) if the planning scheme requires the planner to do so. If they check the plans against Rescode then it is a lot easier to obtain a Building Permit. Otherwise a Report and Consent application to the Building Department of Port Phillip Council will have to be made against each of the non-compliant code. In you project the most obvious one is Exceeding Length of Wall on Boundary, Exceeding Height of Wall on Boundary, Side Setback, Overshadowing to neighbours allotment, Site Coverage, etc I am hoping the planners will assess the project and consider all the Rescode, that will make the process quicker. Time frame for this can be 6 weeks to 6 months from the time application is made and even more. Usually longer if the Planner decides to advertise for a neighbourhood response.

Building Permit

A permit is required before construction can commence. Application for Building Permit can only be made once planning permit is issued. The application will not be considered without planning permit if one is required. Usually takes 4 weeks and longer during busy seasons. ALSO MUST CONSIDER AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN IF THE APPLICATION FOR THE PROJECT IS REJECTED. You then stand to lose your service agreement costs and permit application cost as they are not refundable.


Construction only takes a week but the firmlok ordering and delivery can take up to 2 weeks. Allowing for weather I will estimate the construction to be 4 weeks.


It is extremely important that I do not give you false hope. Estimating time frame is very difficult for me as there are external agencies involved and I do not have any control on them. I can speed up my part and even that sometime can be delayed due to health, season, etc. as long as the delay is not excessive.

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