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Melbourne Pergolas & Carports is one of the best pergola builders in Melbourne. We will design and build a pergola to your custom requirements, from a stand-alone pergola as a garden feature, to a verandah providing shade in the summer from the sun and protection from the rain in winter, to a carport for your vehicle.

All our¬†carports¬†are¬†designed to compliment and enhance your home, whilst still protecting your vehicle from Australia’s¬†harsh elements.

Pergola Design

At the heart of any pergola is a desire to enhance a home and provide an outdoor living space. Most pergolas either have either some overhead covering, either as a roof for weather protection or as a lattice to perhaps grow a trailing vine.

As we are specialised pergola builders we can build whatever style of pergola you desire!

This is especially important, as most pergolas need be customised and built to suit the location and purpose they are going to be built for.

For example, a carport needs to have a solid roof with easy access for vehicles, while a verandah needs to be designed to complement the existing home.

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To make sure you get the most out of your pergola, you should consider the following points when selecting the pergola that best suits your needs.


Most pergolas are designed to provide an outdoor living space or alfresco kitchenwhere people can enjoy the outdoors as an extension of their living space, whilst having some protection from the weather elements. This requires a balance of openness and protection in the design of the pergola.

Having open sides on your pergola allows natural air flow and cooling, but windy conditions, rain and cool weather can reduce your enjoyment of the space, so s glass can provide the protection.

When a pergola is attached to an existing structure it is quite often called a verandah. Verandahs require more detailed frame designs as it is connected to an existing structure (usually a home).

structure (usually a home).

Call us today on 1800 00 00 00 397 535 or email to get an obligation free quote or to find out more.

Roof Design

Often, pergolas have a roof Рbut this is not always the case.   Different designs can be integrated into the lattice and frame of your pergola to make it visually appealing. Common styling for pergola includes flat roofs, slopping roofs, and gable ends.

Roof Sheets

Roof sheets on pergolas provide improved protection against the sun in summer and the rain in winter. Colorbond roofing is a popular choice for pergolas. Colorbond comes in a variety of colours and corrugation styles so can be matched to most styles of homes to provide a long lasting roof. As it does block direct sunlight, if light is important alternatives maybe required.

The most popular¬†current¬†trend for¬†pergola¬†roofing¬†is¬†Laserlite¬†–¬†this is¬†a hard transparent plastic which comes in a range of¬†tints from clear to gun metal. Made in¬†corrugation¬†sheets,¬†it will provide the protection against sun glare, rain and falling leaves without blocking out the direct sun.

Alternatively, you might want a natural solution and have a trellis for growing plants on for your new pergola. This alternative is best done with deciduous plants like wisteria to improve winter sun and reduce sun penetration in the hotter months.


When roofing is used on a pergola, thought needs to be given to where the water will go when it rains.  Gutters and downpipes need to be incorporated for storm water.

Sometimes you can connect to an existing system, but this depends on the roof heights.

Other options for your pergola include collecting the water to fill a swimming pool or getting a rain water tank to water gardens and lawns from.